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I am a Licensed Advanced Skin Care Specialist and Owner of Chateau de Beaute' Skin Care Spa in Alexandria, LA. If you are in the area, book a facial with me!I love our great country and am a proud Patriot!Scroll down to see skin care products I highly recommend that you can order online through my referral link.Thank you for supporting a Patriot woman's business!

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If you live in or near Alexandria, Louisiana, come see me for a personalized facial and other skin care services.

The Isagenix skin care products below will do amazing things for your skin!
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Collagen Elixir

Who doesn't want beautiful glowing, younger looking skin! Clinically tested and proven to improve skin firmness, radiance, youthful appearance, and more from the inside out! This potent Collagen Elixir drink also does wonders for hair, nails and fascia!Type I Marine Collagen peptides sustainably sourced from wild caught cold water fish in pristine Scandinavian and Atlantic Waters. With a Marine Stewardship Council certification, we help ensure marine resources are protected and work to eliminate overfishing.Manufactured in a carbon neutral facility with LEED Green Building Certification. Bottled in individual serving 100% recyclable glass bottles in less than 0.15 seconds to prevent oxidation. Raw material and finished product testing for heavy metals, microbial activity, and physical
characteristics such as taste and smell. Does NOT taste fishy. Has delicious berry taste!
Also contains Vitamins, Minerals, and ancient Botanical blend to enhance results.Collagen Elixir utilizes Double Nutri™ nano-emulsification technology to enhance the bioavailability of its ingredients and provide a superior
blended, finished product, which means better results for you.
Suggest starting with 60 bottles and drink 2 bottles a day for 1 to 4 months. Then 1 bottle a day for maintenance. Over 40 million bottles sold!

Celletoi Skin Care Line

Korean Beauty inspired, this advanced skin care line is 4 products that have been scientifically proven to help your skin. Combined with the Collagen Elixir, this is a powerful combo for younger looking skin.

Dynamic Duo: Collagen Elixir AND Celletoi Skin Care Line

This duo is one I highly recommend.

Isagenix: The Art of Well Being

Isagenix is a 20 year old global company with premium beauty and wellness products based on science and nature. They are dedicated to top quality products for healthy humans and sustainability for a healthy planet.

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